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Our Tropical Bloom arrangements come in 

  • The Large ($72) features of our finest protea blooms and dahlias along with other seasonal blooms and foliage from our local flower fields.  
  • The Grande ($107) may feature a special king protea or banksia flower along with our finest pinchion protea blooms along with other seasonal blooms and foliage from our local flower fields.
  • If you need to purchase more than 1 arrangement with separate delivery locations, please send us a message or add a note to your order.  
  • We may personally contact you to confirm delivery location and time of your order.


Sales tax is applied at checkout.



These photos depicted on this website are examples of our Designer floral arrangements.  The florals mentioned are in bloom now and will be used in your arrangement.


All products are subject to seasonal availability; therefore, we reserve the right to substitute with an equivalent product making effort to maintain the look and feel of the product. Your arrangement will have only the flowers that our climate and land will produce at that time. We commit to sustainable farming methods and low environmental impact by creating arrangements using flowers and foliage grown in our local fields and serving our community in our 40 mile radius.


We will send you a photo of your arrangement with receipt of your order, if not being delivered to you.

Designer's Tropical

PriceFrom $72.00
  • We want you to be delighted with your flowers.  We don't offer a full refund but if there are any problems, please contact us immediately.  

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