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About Red House Flower Company

As a San Diego flower farm, we offer you the freshest, most beautiful flowers and foliage for your weddings and special events, affordably.

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Floral designers and flower farmers Wendy and David Berzansky

In the early 2000s, Wendy and David Berzansky met at the Old Globe Theater where they both worked in scenery construction. While it was Wendy’s “policy” not to date the people she worked with, they married. David left The Old Globe in 2004 to start his own metal fabrication business and Wendy stayed on at the Old Globe, eventually advancing to Associate Technical Director.

Once they had twins in 2015, Wendy began looking for a way to transition out of that career. She didn't feel like working for another company would meet their family’s aspirations. When they bought their current home and property in 2017, they had two acres of land and thought, “What are we going to do with all this land besides grow a bunch of weeds on it?” Because that was easy to do. David has always been into growing plants of all kinds, definitely the South African variety. He found somebody's thesis online about growing Protea and it lined out the yield how much you would get per acre. They thought, “Let's grow on this land so that our kids can still play on it and see how for I can go as a floral designer.” And here we are!

Our Mission

Growing beautiful, unique flowers and foliage that thrive in the San Diego climate to supply our community with the freshest and most sustainable blooms imaginable.


“As a floral designer, we love getting the freshest flowers to our customers. They can't get fresher flowers. I literally cut flowers every morning and arrange them for whoever at whatever time, and they get super fresh flowers. And they last a long time. I've gone and done my research at the flower market. And I look at our flowers versus their flowers. And it's hands down. There's no comparison. Ours are just absolutely better. And it must be because they're coming straight from the farm.” 


– Wendy Berzansky

What makes us unique? 

We have the ability to be flexible with what we grow. So we can try a lot of different kinds of flowers and foliage. We're free to explore. We’re free to try new varieties. David just tossed out poppy seeds in a random bed just to see if they'd grow right there. It's fun to do that and it's fun to plan a planting for a bride when we can get them early enough that we can sow the seeds for them specifically. We’ve done it on a few occasions and it’s a real treat. As San Diego floral designers, we feel blessed to an amazing climate with so much sunshine and warm weather. We love what we do, and we hope it comes through!

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